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Get To Know Us

All Field Airsoft game

November 19th 
Games on 10am - 5pm
$30.00 for entry and raffle ticket

Airsoft Big Game

Op: Black November

November 19th 2023 Mini-milsim 


UN-Peacekeepers & NATO 

Military camouflage 

Any Green or Tan based camo. 



Examples of camo(s) UCP is allowed. 

Head gear needs to match color(s) for faction. IE: Cannot have a grey or black head gear color for UN. 

UN peacekeepers will also be marked with blue tape. 

Blue helmets are also authorized. 


Nato Flag Patch Link 

NATO Flag Tactical Armband Embroidered Patches Badges Morale Tactics Military Embroidery Patch Hook & Loop on The Back 


UN Flag Patch Link: 

JBCD 2 Pack UN Flag Patches United Nations Flags Tactical Patch Pride Flag Patch for Clothes Hat Patch Team Military Patch 


Sentinel Solutions & Civilian Defense Force


Private Military contractors brought in by local government(s) to help fight the UN "peacekeepers" 


Local CDF members to assist. 



Examples of correct uniforms. 

No camos allowed for base uniforms or head cover. IE no blue head covers or camo. 


No solid Tan or Green allowed. 

No Red. Orange. Neon. 


*Gear color doesn't matter for both factions* 


Amazon has several options for USA flags in black. 

Black November 19th 2023 Mini-milsim - Google Docs

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